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The Rezia Hotel, a big mountain family

Where to start? With you! Because for us the idea of a ‘family’ is a broad concept, a form of hospitality, a desire to share and to learn about you. Will you adopt us? We can be your Mountain Family!

Come on holiday to Bormio, you will feel at home straight away. We’ll be there to welcome you on your arrival and pamper you throughout your wellness experience here in the Valtellina. Always with a smile to greet you in the morning, on hand with an aperitif in the evening and by your side for a mountain hike or MTB ride! We have thought of everything: discover a new, less explored Bormio, the one where the locals live, locals like us!


Maurizio and Renata:
Maurizio and Renata: the loving couple who run the Rezia Hotel. I, Maurizio, was born in this hotel in room 105 and I have loved this place ever since. My parents, Sergio and Erminia, built the Rezia in 1954, the first hotel in Bormio in the heart of the town! Along with Renata, we give our all every day to make your holiday special.
We have five children: whirlwinds of energy and passion, who are now scattered across the world but they often return to the hotel, sometimes all together, and it’s always a joy. If you are interested in cooking, Andrea is the person to speak to for advice on what to try! Beatrice, first and foremost is a mother but she does many other things too, with a passion for design and, it goes without saying, for the hotel industry. Martina may be far away, living in Doha with a passion for travelling and a desire to explore, but she gives us great ideas for her much-loved Rezia Hotel. Federica is also very interested in cookery, there is no stopping her! Then there’s Gianmarco, who also likes to make surprise trips back to the Rezia.
We also have nine grandchildren: the oldest is 16, the youngest was born just a few months ago. They fill the hotel with joy whenever they visit!

Our employees: ua crucial part of the Rezia Hotel. From chef Samuele and his team to the cleaners who prepare the rooms. Then there is Ezio, a Sicilian who has made his home here in the Valtellina and who for more than 20 years has been the cornerstone of the Rezia restaurant. And Roberto? He can recommend the best wine to accompany your dinner or prepare a delicious aperitif! Last but not least, Sonia and Roberta welcome you on reception, giving you advice on the best activities and curiosities in Bormio, taking special care of our guests! 

Our grandparents Sergio and Erminia taught us all about hospitality, they were the ones who built the Rezia Hotel, which was the first hotel in Bormio, and they built it right in the heart of the town. And we have inherited their passion which continues to burn in our hearts today.

For them, hospitality came naturally, in the kitchen Sergio kept everything spick and span and woe betide anyone who entered without permission!
Erminia would always offer a kind smile and some kind words to guests and to us (even if we were often a real nuisance!).

Then along came Maurizio who was born right here in room 105. Some of our guests watched him grow up and now, when they come back to Bormio for their summer holidays or ski trips, they regale us with amusing stories from the past. Then we came along, their five children, all different, each with our own personalities and each in love with the Rezia.

We have always been a close family which has helped us to share the passion we have for the hotel where we grew up. Today, we live all around the world but we regularly come back and it’s always a joy. 

Who will you meet when you arrive at the hotel?

Maurizio and Renata, still together and in love. They will offer you a warm welcome, they know every inch of Bormio and your smile is their greatest satisfaction. You will also meet one or maybe all five of their children because, even though they live and work far away, they often come back to spend time as a family - a family you are part of!

The Rezia Hotel will find a place in your heart and stay there forever.

We are spontaneous, we love spending days with you, giving you top tips to make your holidays at the Rezia in Bormio unforgettable. Here you can relax, leave the stress of everyday life behind and restore your energy levels.

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