Snowshoe Walking in Bormio, an incredible experience you have to try for yourself!

There is more to Bormio than just skiing! Here in our Alpine resort, we organise a range of activities to suit everyone. For us, the most immersive option is a snowshoe walk in the beautiful countryside.

CWhen you go for a snowshoe walk, you are in harmony with the environment, walking on the snow without sinking into it, in the silence of the forest, accompanied by an expert Alpine guide.

What are snowshoes?


Known locally as "ciaspole", snowshoes are footwear attached to the feet to help walk on snow. In the past they were made from wood but now strong, lightweight materials are used. Why should you try a snowshoe walk? Because they are easy to use and fun for all the family! They allow you to "float" on the fresh snow whilst the integrated spikes stop you from slipping. The perfect combination for non-skiers to explore the countryside in winter.

The thrill of a snowshoe walk

Snowshoes offer a good alternative to skiing as a way of safely exploring the beauty of the mountains in winter. The footpaths of Bormio turn white, the noises of the town are muffled and silence reigns. You have the choice of going for a snowshoe walk on your own or in the company of an Alpine guide. Whichever option you choose, you will discover an outdoor activity which is fun and suitable for everyone, in complete harmony with nature.

At the Hotel Rezia, it is important to us that your holiday is unique and unforgettable which is why we organise a range of walks with our guide Daniele. In his company, you can explore routes which offer incredible views, in complete safety

What should you wear for a snowshoe walk?

That’s an easy question: the best option is to dress in layers. You might think that, being winter-time, it is best to wrap up warm before heading out for a walk in the snow. And that's true but remember that you will warm up as you walk and start to sweat, so it is better to w

Rent your snowshoes here in the hotel!

Thermals are always a good idea! As a guide, you should wear a base layer (ideally thermals), warm trousers (ski trousers or salopettes are also suitable), a fleece, a waterproof coat and walking boots. And what else? Gloves, of course, a hat and a backpack with water and some snacks (or something more substantial for a longer walk lasting several hours). You can rent snowshoes from us, just ask at reception!

Snowshoe walks in and around Bormio


In Bormio, the nearby Val Viola, and right across the whole area, you will find countless routes and trails to explore on snowshoes. We recommend two of these in particular, itineraries which are easy and which are sure to delight you. Try them for yourself!

A snowshoe walk in Val Viola: a beautiful, pristine landscape

This walk explores one of the most picturesque valleys in the upper Valtellina, where you can still find traditional mountain pastures and shepherds’ huts, whilst it is not unusual to encounter deer, particularly towards dusk. The footpath is easy to follow, even in winter, and the fairytale scenery makes it really rewarding. This walk takes about three hours and is suitable for all.

The walk starts at Arnoga, on the road to Livigno, where there is a large car park. The footpath is easy to follow, leading to the clearing at Malga Caricc below the summits of the Dosdè group. Before long, you will find yourself in a completely different landscape.

Forte di Oga, for anyone who wants the views without the effort

A very short route but not one that should be underestimated, offering views as far as the ice-capped peaks of the mighty Gran Zebrù. A fascinating route, through pine and larch forest, with the centrepiece being the view over Bormio. The route takes around two hours and is packed full of nature and history.

Along the way, you will be able to enjoy the view from the Forte di Oga, a World War I fortress built by the Italians to defend against potential Austro-Hungarian attacks. You may be wondering what you should wear for such a walk but don’t worry, we can give you some tips! You just need a waterproof coat, ski trousers, a fleece and a pair of walking boots. And what else? Gloves, of course, a hat and a backpack with water and some snacks. You can rent snowshoes from us, just ask at reception!

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