Bormio Trekking: A Hike to the Rifugio Quinto Alpini

The Valtellina is the perfect destination for anyone who loves mountains. And the Hotel Rezia, in the centre of Bormio, is the ideal starting point for short walks or more challenging hikes in the Stelvio National Park. If you are looking for inspiration for your next walk in Bormio, we recommend the Rifugio Quinto Alpini mountain hut in the Val Zebrù.

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A hike up to the Rifugio Quinto Alpini mountain hut in the Stelvio National Park is a unique experience, the excitement, hard work and astonishing views combining to create memories you will never forget. A mountain hike starting from the Hotel Rezia in Bormio which lasts all day. Set off by car, following signs for Madonna dei Monti, and in under 15 minutes you will reach a place called Niblogo where there is a large car park. The footpath to the Rifugio Quinto Alpini starts from the car park and immediately leads you into a wild and unspoiled landscape. During high season, we recommend setting off early in order to ensure you find space in the car park. Alternatively, there is a second, smaller car park in Fantelle.

First stage, to Rifugio Campo (2,000 m)

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The walk starts gently, on a good path with a very gentle gradient, an ideal warm-up! Remember, though, that this wonderful walk features 1,267 m of ascent to reach the Rifugio Quinto Alpini at an altitude of 2,877 m. Follow footpath number 29 and the red and white waymarkers which make it impossible to go wrong. You immediately enter a stunning landscape, initially the track follows a fairly narrow valley. Accompanying you all the way, acting as a guide, is the Zebrù stream, a natural source of refreshment on hot days. Gradually the landscape opens up as the valley widens. The aroma of the forest and moss will rarely leave your nostrils until the first port of call, Rifugio Campo (2 hours from the car park). Traditional mountain houses are dotted across the meadows on either side of the path. Alpine traditions in perfect harmony with the natural landscape.

Second stage, to Baita del Pastore (2,166 m)


After a slice of cake at Rifugio Campo, you will be ready to tackle the next stage to the Baita del Pastore. So far, the walk has been fairly relaxing, gaining only 560 m in altitude. At this point, however, the landscape begins to change, with the trees giving way to views of the summits high above that dominate the skyline. You may be tempted to start looking for the Rifugio, your destination for the day, but unfortunately it is not yet in view. Instead, you can see the path which begins to climb steeply.

Third and final stage, to Rifugio Quinto Alpini

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Don’t be disheartened, though your legs may be getting tired the incredible scenery will help you forget about the physical effort. Gradually, one hairpin bend at a time, you start to climb more steeply and the landscape changes again. You emerge into broad, verdant meadows, where cows and goats graze. You will get a first glimpse of famous Val Rio Marè glacial moraine. The path is wide and easy to follow as the distinctive yellow roof of the Rifugio slowly comes into view. And there it is, at the foot of Monte Zebrù, the Rifugio Quinto Alpini, and behind it the unmistakable sight of the Ortles ridge. A wonder of nature!

Technical information:

Car park in Niglogo
Total time required: approx. 5 hours
Total ascent: 1,267 m
Highest point: Rifugio Quinto Alpini, 2877 m

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