Rezia restaurant



The wine and food typical of Bormio is based on traditional flavours, old recipes and unique, genuine products, making for a generous cuisine you will find difficult to say no to.
Hotel Rezia believes in preserving and adding to local traditions, without forgetting the classic flavours of the world-renowned Italian cuisine.  If you are looking for somewhere to have a quality lunch or dinner in Bormio, Hotel Rezia’s restaurant is a perfect combination of local culinary traditions and the classic flavours of Italian cuisine.

The culinary delights created by chef seek to bring the best out of the Mediterranean cuisine, with a blend of modernity and tradition.

The plate thus becomes a palette offering refined flavours and strong contrasts, as well as a feast for the eyes.



A number of restaurants in Bormio offer incomparable flavours and experiences. One of the oldest restaurants that continues to promote Valtellina traditions is that of Hotel Rezia, which can make any dish and any moment a unique occasion.
Bormio’s food and wine culture is based on genuine products and unique flavours, with traditional recipes making for a generous and tasty cuisine that will win you over from the first mouthful, and leave you with a very nice memory of this region and its flavours.
You will have a wide choice of dishes from the à la carte menu, capable of satisfying the most demanding of palates and offering an explosion of peerless and timeless flavours.
There are four main qualities that make our cuisine and our restaurant unique: the quality of ingredients, our love of cooking, a welcoming atmosphere and a cordial, quality service. As one of Bormio’s top restaurants, this means we always offer great quality and a great experience.

Our chef and his team are able to offer you top quality products every time, cooked with passion, and a wide range of dishes, with rich buffets of fresh or grilled vegetables and great variety every day, as well as an à la carte menu.
Every day we propose a rich buffet of salads and vegetables, a choice of four first courses, four main courses, sweets and a fruit buffet.

Not only do we offer you top quality dishes, we give you the chance to savour them in an exclusive, unique location, where every detail has been meticulously studied in order to enable you to enjoy a lunch or dinner in a refined, elegant setting. It is an experience that will stay in your memory for a long time to come.

Please note: in the winter season the Lunch service is available only at the Lounge Bar, where a reduced number of tasty dishes are available from 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. In the summer season Ristorante Rezia is open for lunch, offering the usual quality, wide choice and service our guests have become accustomed to.
We remind you that booking in advance is always a good idea, to avoid the risk of not finding a vacant table.