LET’S RIDE from the cycle path to the Stelvio

Let’s go cycling: try out an electric mountain bike!

The incredible climbs of the Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo passes, start your cycling holiday in Bormio with a bang! There is something for everyone here: road cycling, mountain biking and electric mountain bikes and, at the Rezia, there is also Daniele!

Daniele Cantoni, our bike guide for your holiday on two wheels! A special service for the Rezia, Daniele will encourage you to try riding a bike even if you have never even sat on one before.

With Daniele, you can discover the whole of our region by bike! Choose from mountain bike rides, legendary climbs or enjoyable outings on an e-bike where everyone, including families, can have fun exploring Bormio and its surroundings, enjoying the fresh air! 

Valtellina Bike, Bormio’s legendary climbs by mountain bike, a paradise for MTB lovers.

The Valtellina is an enchanting place and exploring it by bike is a pleasure that you have to try!


Bormio and its valley offer easy bike rides for families and beginners but also more serious challenges such as the famous Stelvio pass.

Topping out at 2,758 metres, the Stelvio pass is a mecca for in-form cyclists and is the second highest pass in the whole of Europe. Some of the most exciting stages of the Giro d’Italia have featured the climb of the Stelvio pass.

But there is more: the Mortirolo and the famous Gavia pass, in the lush, green surroundings of the Valtellina. These are the best-known climbs but Bormio is also the starting point for a number of other mountain passes and exciting mountain bike routes.

ROAD CYCLING Bormio is a paradise for road cyclists

vacanza_in_bici_bormio_bike_valtellina_stelvio_bici_rezia_hotelstelvio-yoke-1357127_1920.jpgEffort, concentration, sweat are all part of the strange pleasure for anyone who chooses to take on the mighty Stelvio, Gavia or Mortirolo passes on a road bike. These are storied climbs which any cyclist should tackle at least once in their lifetime. Bormio and the surrounding region offer thrilling road cycling routes and climbs, the biggest problem is choosing which one to try!

Daniele is looking forward to joining you on your rides as, together, you conquer the summits around Bormio on your road bike. Energetic and exhausting days: bring some friends and choose your road cycling route.

Cycling holidays for families in Bormio Have you ever tried riding an e-bike?

With an electric bike, you don’t need much training to be able to ride some of the most beautiful routes in Bormio and the surrounding area.


The Rezia Hotel organises rides and trips with mountain bike guide Daniele Cantoni; with him, pedalling is easy and fun, no worries! At the hotel, we can organise bike and e-bike hire, or if you want to bring your own, we have a bike store and there is also the chance to get some minor repairs done. 

There are many bike routes suitable for families, children will enjoy themselves and, thanks to the electric mountain bikes, fun is guaranteed. You can reach remote, unspoiled places, climb mountains with pedal power and experience the area in a brand-new way!

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